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ESC Card Gaming is happy to present our new Gwent Meta Snapshot #12!


Thanks to the innovations introduced by the Patch 8.3 the Meta has undergone lots of changes.

Syndicate returns into our top position of the Gwent Meta Snapshot #12 – ENG with the Crime Cleaver archetype, based on the ability of the Lined Pockets Leader and the Crime cards.In the Tier 1 we also find the Monsters Arachas Swarm deck, thanks to its fast and aggressive game-play. The Swarm archetype benefits from the fact that it is very hard to answer by other decks.

In the Tier 2 of our Gwent Meta Snapshot #12 – ENG we find the new version of the Warrior Devotion based on Eist and the Leader’s ability of Blaze of Glory.This version, compared to the previous ones, partially gives up some control tools, in favor of an impressive tempo play thanks to Eist and his ability.Alongside the Warrior Devotion we find an old friend in the first position: Witcher Swarm. A deck that has been dominant in the last months and that still remains strong despite some nerfs.Further down we wanted to report the return of the Viy archetype, it’s very solid in this phase of the Meta, because it counters the Top Tier decks really well.And finally, we have some Nilfgaard decks, which is still based on a Clog Madoc version and the classic Scenario based on a new Leader’s ability, after the nerf to Lockdown.

Scoia’tael slides into the Tier 3, despite the buffs that has been given to the Traps archetype. In the early days, the combination of the Elves and Traps looked devastating, but it lost its strength as players quickly adapted to those mechanics. Traps is a very draw based deck, so draw dependant that it often loses its consistency.In the Tier 3 we can also find the Dwarfs archetype, capable of making many points but at the same time it’s not capable of interacting with the enemy’s board.


Consultants and Deckbuilders: Movius00, Gigifacile, Ci_87, Clauz86, Yami8, Fritzdecat, Quigon96, Infern-Ale.

Writers: Fritzdecat, Gigifacile, Clauz86, Ci_87, Invictatop95, Quigon96, Yami8, Infern-Ale, Edo, Simo4dlc.

Management/Editing/Translation: Fritzdecat, Miranda, Giordaniko, Ghostemane, BenDjarin.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mase1i/esc_meta_snapshot_12/

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