100 Hours of Valheim. The game that restoured my hope.

New Valheim update

We're having a bad time at the world rn.

While other countries are getting their vaccines, Brazil is going downhill.

A year ago, my mom went to USA, with my sister, who is married there. My brother is also living abroad. My dad works through the entire day and doesn't live with me.

So, basically, i am as alone as i could ever have been my entire life. I also never did so good with friends.

And yeah, there it is, Valheim. Since i'm about to hit 100 hours, playing since 11th April, i wanted to thank the developers and the community to – just – exist. I do have some anxiety problems and stuff i don't really feel like should explain, but this awesome game is getting me through like nothing ever did. The community, tho is very busy actually playing the game, is very funny and the things u often see in r/valheim are crazy, funny, and overall, so enjoyable.

And, i really feel like is worth playing games again. I thought i'd never found anything like that first contact with Minecraft, back in 2011. But, again, there it is.

Btw, i little bit of my world:

The First House, after some "revamps".

The Second House, between the Mountains, the Meadows and a Dark Forest (wow)

This is the entrance to the Montains. With a small tower watching over the Dark Forest behind me.

The Docks. Still a "work in progress", but the "main thing" is done, idk, mixed feelings about it.

The Docks 2.

The Docks 3.

The Docks, with a picture of the Second House, in the Mountains.

The House in the Mountains

The house in the mountais

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n5of0r/100_hours_of_valheim_the_game_that_restoured_my/

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