1000 Jackets SOONTM

I recently completed looting 1000 jackets. Numbers still being analyzed/adjusted. As usual I will be providing the Google Sheet when Im able to release it. Thanks to Tarkov Marketplace I can also now provide values that will update for you guys hourly. Once I release it I will release a video alongside it with my brief explanation however the best info will always be directly from the Google Sheet. If there is anything anyone is interested in seeing in addition to all of the different containers. For those who have not seen any of my previous posts I have already completed: Filing Cabinets, Duffle Bags, PCs ans Toolboxes. This will be the 5th entry out of the 23 possible lootable containers. Some containers may be scrapped or Sample sizes adjusted by availibility. Letting me know your interests are more likely to get those checked first! Expect to hear something Wednesday as this is my deadline for releases weekly.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/q528h1/1000_jackets_soontm/

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