12 Hours of DoTA coming up! HYPED! What are you doing for the games?

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man this is so exciting. The Singapore Major -MAIN- stage begins tonight! 2hours30 miins! I havent watched pro games in a year or so and im returning and loving the tournament so far. Im eating food now and gonna enjoy the games tonight with my three monitors! Im rooting for EG as always.

is anyone else really excited for the games at 10pm? The production has been good on this major and i dont hate any of the casters. WOOOOT im excited! got some indica to sit back and enjoy the show tonight

ohyeah Weaver has been my favorite hero going back to the start of dota2 especially. played weaver alot then, going back to dota1 Nerubiian Weaver. So im happy to watch these games, i dont like watching PL/TB unless its arteezy <3

đź“· Evil Geniusesđź“· Fnatic

đź“· Invictus Gamingđź“· Vici Gaming

đź“·Thunder Predatorđź“· Team Secret

đź“·Virtus.prođź“· PSG.LGD

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