1st Playthrough I used a small exploit: Here’s what I learned.

How to build a large and tall house in Valheim

Just started playing around H&H release and I love this game. Too many great things about the game to list on this post, instead I'd like to offer my experience as advice. (Will do my best to avoid spoilers.)

My first run through the game is technically not yet complete. Three of my friends and I are at the last available boss. I got dragged backwards through the beginning of the game and was facing the 3rd boss without understanding the progression.

I was not in favor of not being able to bring metal/ore through the portals. I world hopped to transport it more quickly. This allowed me and 3 friends to get all our ore back very easy and divide it up, but it robbed us of making roads/bridges or even boating with tons of ore(and potentially losing it)

I did not reflect on my progression until I started a solo world and fresh character…I skipped so much of the grey area, to get progression faster.

This game is beautiful and there are so many times in this new solo world, I find myself just staring at the scenery on a cart run or making paths and linking cart routes together.

I was hyper focused on one mega base with everything, I never stopped to contemplate making a few small villages each with their own amenities.

I did a lot of rushing and skipping through the game( without mods/cheats ) and the second play through is all the better when taken at a casual pace.

I hope this is helpful/anecdotal for some or even entertaining, see you in Valhalla brothers! Skol!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/q9mpyz/1st_playthrough_i_used_a_small_exploit_heres_what/

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