50/50 on the game

As much as I love the game, the grind and some of the progress plateaus are really putting me off.

I have around 100 hours in the game which isn't a lot.

The game is very pretty, looks amazing, feels amazing.

But the grind, progress halts and general stuff like that keep putting me off.

I've only been able to get to an A graded Python by 'abusing' the BEST money making system in the game which ATM is the Robigo passenger routes and is just below having friends and abusing the healing beam with turret barges on massacre's missions.

When you have to resort to cheesing and abusing the game to make decent progress, which still took in the tens of hours, it really isn't that fun.

I know you should enjoy the game but how can I enjoy bounty hunting or trading when you need to have top line ships or fully engineered ships, Where a fully engineered ship can take between 50 and 200 hours to make and is hella grindy, and enemies are balanced toward engineered or just top of the line ships :/.

The loops can be fun but most of the 'fun' loops would take 350 hours to get a A graded python, and like 600 to get an A graded Conda without engineering.

So the grind for a full priced game is absolute disgusting and outweigh the good for me.

Let alone the let downs of odyssey, no interiors, the stupid SVR limitations, and such.

So As I said in the beginning I'm 50/50 about the game, maybe i should find some people to play with if I have the time, maybe that's make it slightly better

But then again it's hard to find people playing together as a chill team and not some kind of sweaty workforce :/

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qg2hy2/5050_on_the_game/

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