6+ years in, my take Elite Dangerous Odyssey

The core driving force in Elite Dangerous is spaceships (barring any personal rpg efforts) and the game mechanics to get spaceships is to explore, trade, fight, and mine so you can make credits. You take those credits and buy better ships and modules then repeat. I love this mechanic and have for many years.

I see Odyssey as a bolt on FPS module that offers a 5th way to earn credits (to buy… spaceships) and it's connected to Elite via a thin blue tube next to a flight of stairs or elevator on my spaceship.

My issue is that I am out of spaceships and modules to buy, I have billions of credits and there is nothing left for me to buy. I have no need, except the first few days of fun, for a 5th way to earn credits. Other than enjoying the view of my spaceship from a person sized pov, Odyssey has added little value to the game for me and my desire to experience spaceships.

Speaking in terms of game mechanics, the Elite Dangerous game is a 400 billion star systems wide and about 25mm deep pancake, always has been, it's up to us to enjoy it. Odyssey just added another 1mm of depth.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/oj29zd/6_years_in_my_take_elite_dangerous_odyssey/

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