60hz or higher for simpit

So I will be attempting to build my own simpit. It will be used exclusively for ED. I currently have a curved msi 1920×1080 144hz monitor. Plans are to keep this monitor on the desk along with desktop for all other games. The simpit will be located in the opposite corner. As far as the simpit goes…I am contemplating grabbing a 32" 60hz screen(main screen) and a 19" 60hz screen(screen for info/youtube/etc). I am wanting input on this idea. Some friends say it'll work great, others are saying just get a $500+ 30"+ 144hz monitor. Not sure how much I will notice the difference. REALLY loving u/Jericho_fever build(pic attached) however, i only have 1 hdmi port. I do have 3 display port ports. ANY feedback will be appreciated.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/ko0nar/60hz_or_higher_for_simpit/

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