90Kilos of Loot Down the Tubes: Player Scavs are Unnecessary and the Worst Part of This Game

It seems most people are either being toxic or are missing the point of the post. I've done what I can here. If you don't want to even attempt to be nice and try to have an actual conversation then that's on you. You don't have to be here. Don't comment if you can't be civil about it.

I just want to preface this by saying, yes I was salty, yes I messed up by getting so large in this raid, but no I'm not whining about my lost loot. Most of you in the comments are missing the point of this post. This post is mostly for the memes but also for the discussion about how the Player Scav system can be improved. If I took away my story about how the raid went, I'm sure most of you would be so much less judgemental about how I played in the raid and instead would be adding to the conversation about the Player Scav system.

So I know this may be a bit of a hot take but hear me out:

The Raid: So I'm in a raid with my buddy on Customs. There's scav boss at dorms along with 6 or 7 other players in 3 separate teams, not including me and my friend. He and I get to dorms and the first team inside 3-story dorms is already fighting scav boss. There's a team of two outside who my friend and I kill. Then we go inside and I kill one of the guys fighting scav boss and the other one was killed by either guards or my friend, I can't remember. After we gather the loot we've earned so far, another team shoots at us from 2-story dorms. My friend kills one and chases the other around for a while before losing him. My friend returns to me at 3-story and we continue to loot. At this point another team of two rolls up on us. My friend killed one and died and then I killed the other. That's the end of the fighting for this raid.

So at this point I get my buddy's gear and toss it like a good friend and then I start to loot. Honestly it was more loot than I've ever seen. I would provide picture proof but we'll get to why I don't have that in a minute. By the time I get all the loot I can carry there's 12 minutes left and I weigh 87.6 kilos. Far more than I have ever weighed before in this game. The problem with weighing that much is that you are unable to gain stamina at all and you can only slow walk. Realizing my dilemma, I begin my journey towards ZB-013, as the power has already been turned on by someone else.

5 minutes pass and by that point I've only made it to the structure known as "Skeleton", the unfinished
two story building directly across from "Stronghold" where ZB-013 is. I start to hear footsteps, eratic like a player, so I stop and listen as he gets closer. Before I can react (because im 90kgs and I cant move) a player scav flies out from around the corner and 1-taps me in the face.

(This next part is the part that's for the memes. Didn't think id have to spell this out for everybody but people are very sensitive apparently)

A personal message to that player scav: Good shot but fuck you for taking away all the hard work and stress and looting I went through for you to just stumble upon the Walking Holy Grail of loot and waltz away with it. You didn't earn that.

My takeaway from this experience, and the solution: It is really hard not to be mad about this and just rant but that was what the above section was for. Realistically, the game needs some changes to how scavs work for exactly the frustration I mentioned above: the player scav did nothing other than get lucky with his garbo scav kit to get 90 kilos of loot that I earned during my raid. If i get killed by another player, fine, at least I know they've been part of the raid the whole time and are risking something by even being there at all. Scavs are the exact opposite of that: theres zero risk, extreme reward, and no time commitment. I think going into a raid as a scav should be reserved for those players who do not have any guns in their inventory or do not have enough money to buy new guns. That is a very extreme solution, but I think at least there should be more restrictions to doing scav runs. Maybe you have to pay a certain amount or have some sort of scav identification card, similar to Labs but they will be commonly found in raid, to access scav raids. Whatever the solution is, player scavs are broken and they need changes before full release.

Put your thoughts and suggestions down in the comments and thank you for reading!

Edit: I already know about dropping my bag when I'm overweight. Thank you for your advice. There wasn't enough time to do that in this situation.

Edit 2: I get that the player scav technically "earned" his gear by killing me. What I mean by he didn't earn it is that he was delivered into the raid after all of the fighting, with a free kit and no risk, and walked away with lots of gear. Yes I messed up by getting so large, I understand that. The fact is that he didn't spend the time to make that raid worthwhile like I did and I think it should be harder for the scav to access that free kit he's getting every 15 minutes.

FINAL EDIT: This is my fleshed out solution for the scav system from a thread down below. THIS IS THE MAIN POINT OF THE POST RIGHT HERE, not my lost gear, or how I played the raid. Nobody cares about that, especially not me as many of you have claimed. I want to only be able to get into scav raid if you have an scav identification card, similar to a Labs Access Keycard. They would be found in raid only and relatively common. Maybe also found on scavs you kill. This means that the player, even if they have no guns or money must go into a PMC raid and exfil with the card to get the free loot you get from the scav raid if you make it out of the scav raid. This would reduce scav traffic on Reserve in particular, but also the other maps too. This is only my first thought on the subject though. This post was meant to be a discussion on how to improve the game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/my1dir/90kilos_of_loot_down_the_tubes_player_scavs_are/

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