A couple days into the new update and a short recap

Let's start with what I like.

  • Ammo loading is a really nice QoL addition
  • Presets are working again 🙂
  • Loading times seem better, but that needs further testing. We didn't have a late spawn… yet 😀
  • general QoL improvement or at least what they tried
    • some things really need further improvements
    • some things need the ability to turn it off (like the colorization)
    • some things could need some tweaking, like the "Filter by item" button hidden behind some further drop down menu, but the general idea is nice
  • Loot changes to random containers and random areas
    • the addition of further loot like helmets and armors is really nice
  • the new invite Screen is really really awesome!!! Good Job on that one!!!
  • the new time to invite and until you see your friends in the lobby is awesome and working really really well
    • the report button should be moved to the left though, its annoying where it is

What I don't like or what needs to be changed (leaving bugs out of this section)

  • the changes that just make the raid/game more tedious
    • the change to the painkillers. I mean yeah, I know every Chad (like me :D) is pre popping Painkillers. Instead of looking at the reason why that is done, changing that so it is not a 100% death sentence, if you don't do it and then changing the Painkillers. BSG just changes the Painkillers instead of addressing the problem. The problem without painkillers is: You get shot, you are dead almost 100% of the time. If you pre popped meds you might actually be able to get into cover. Now if you put in some kind of an Adrenaline system that lets you sprint for 6 seconds after getting shot so you can either get into cover or pop a PK… that would address the problem of everyone being on PKs all the time.
    • the change to reloading ammo… yeah I know it is not realistic, but when you are healing and loading your mags in raid you are in a corner anyways and the fight is probably over or you are in some sort of save space and cover. Before you would go through the action of healing and well stuffing your mags at the same time. Now.. well you do the same it just takes twice the time.
    • Heavy Bleading. First of all I really like the thought of heavy bleeding and leaving a trace. But does it really need to cost 150 Salewa HP to heal a heavy bleed? I mean where are we ending, if we continue on this road. And how many different healing items will I need in the end. I am a fan of the general idea, but I want to PLAY the game and well have fun (don't come with the "the game is not supposed to be fun" bs, if the game is not fun, nobody plays it). With 12.8 the time I spent in corners repacking and healing almost doubled.

Well that's about it… what are your thoughts on the new update and how do you find the changes. A civilized discussion would be appreciated!! 🙂

Good Luck and well have fun raiding :))

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