A discussion about exit camping.

Hi, this is my first wipe in Tarkov, however I have put many (200+) hours into it and love the game. I have run into an issue that I feel a few people have encountered and I just want to start a discussion about it.

Exit camping. Many people say it's bad, others say it's apart of the game. I lean towards the ideology that it's unhealthy for the future of the game for a few reasons:

  1. It takes away the fear factor that this game is clearly built around. Clearly the game is about getting loot and getting out of whatever map you load into. However, I don't believe everything in this game is about the loot at the END, but rather the anxiety that you get by trying to get that loot out. The fear that you could lose it in a gunfight with another player or scav.
  2. It removes the gratification of finding an extract. I think when a lot of people see that extraction point in sight with a bag full of loot become excited to get out, knowing that the end is near and you can leave soon after and enjoy your goodies. Now that exit camping has become more popular, I personally have begun dreading the extract areas and they're no longer a welcome sight because now their might be a person camping there, waiting for me.
  3. It removes the need to learn how to play the game properly. Instead of learning how to shoot and position yourself properly to gain an upper hand in a fight, all you simply have to do is sit and wait. You no longer have to think about "Oh, I could get pushed from this angle or get shot from here" but instead you have to think "Wait for the door to open and spray."

Other than those three issues, I personally hate with the idea of exit camping and those who do it, but another issue has sprung up that I'd like to address; the joke that exit camping has become and the ideology it fosters.

People have come to see exit camping not as an issue but as a joke, something that they can do and it can be "funny," and the community fosters that. I have died to a few exit campers who's in-game names have been based on exit camping, because they think it's funny and it's something that is okay to do. Building on that even further, there's a streamer who's entire playstyle is exit camping and people find it hilarious! Yet the majority of the community says its bad, but sponsor the ideology that surrounds it by propagating jokes about it.

I know I could just "get good" and kill them faster and all that, but even still, that wouldn't just magically stop everyone from doing it. Regardless, I'd like to hear what other people think on the matter.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i989pe/a_discussion_about_exit_camping/

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