A discussion regarding prestige

I have noticed the occasional posts about late game fatigue and wipe exhaustion and believe that introduction a prestige system would go a long way to improving the health of the game. While you can reset your account, the only value in doing so is what you put into it individually.

While I understand that wipes aren’t likely to go away while the game remains in BETA, I dread their announcement. I like late game far more, and enjoy the customization and questing at my own time, especially as someone who can’t dedicate considerable amounts of time to Tarkov. Those who get bored of their late game experience would have the option to prestige.

To incentivize this, those who have prestiged could receive the classic symbol next to their name indicating that they are far more dedicated, braver than you, better than you, and more deserving of your loadout. But not only that, I believe there could be more tangible benefits as well.

Certain clothing options (shirts and pants) normally available at Ragman, could be available only to those that prestige.

Finally, to further incentivize those that take the leap, you could also receive a belt upgrade, increasing your pocket size from four to six or even eight.

These benefits would certainly make me consider looping back to level one. While it may not be too beneficial while wipes are still used, I think it would be a good mechanic for those who want more of a purpose to wiping their accounts.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/m0n1re/a_discussion_regarding_prestige/

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