A Farmer’s Nightmare! (MO Beast Deck)

Yennefer's Journey

Hey I've been really enjoying putting together a beast themed deck for monsters. Currently it performs pretty well against a lot of decks but isn't grossly strong enough to be anything meta defining. You can think of it like a budget AQ deck.

So I was wondering if anyone could give some suggestions to make this deck better that I've missed in my dedkbuilding.

I currently feel like this deck would really appreciate an oneiromancy and Triss but they might just be too expensive provisions as the harpies are too good to cut in this deck.
Succubus's would also be good if I added more consumes but with their beast tag removed im not sold on it.
I definitely feel like replacing adda: striga for parasite for cards like foltest and Damien but obviously it bricks at just 6 points if they just play a defender.
Heatwave is also a consideration.
Please give me what suggestions you think would make this deck alot stronger!
Regardless it's alot of fun playing it right now and lost games are always very close.

Heres the deck in question:

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/nd83tp/a_farmers_nightmare_mo_beast_deck/

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