A few needed tweaks to recent bad cards – Thanks CDPR :)

witcher gwent cards


I hope next patch can revisit a few recent cards:


Cat witchers in general (bronze):

Adept is useless – just compare how good are the bear or griffin ones

Saboteur is terrible too – just compare again with the quartemaster

Mentor is super conditional as well – just look at the bear mentor or viper mentors.


Most soldiers are terrible, often 5 for 5 without any ability

Emhyr, the most important character of the books and the game is just bad – i am happy to see Foltest and Meve getting some love and being playable, Eist is still uber powerful, Junior is top notch now and Eldain remains problematic.

But Emhyr is just the worst, it does NOTHING. 🙁

Thanks for fixing this CDPR.



Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/na3z6y/a_few_needed_tweaks_to_recent_bad_cards_thanks/

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