A few question from a new player

Hello, A few days ago I started playing Elite Dangerous doing missions transporting a certain item to another. I play this game all alone, watching videos or listening to music in the background. months ago I played EVE online and it seems t be a lot like Elite from what I understand, only its first person and way more hands on. I did had some questions while playing the game and thought I could ask them here.

What are the ways to make credits?
As I said above I now do missions and missions only and for now I like that, in the future I can see myself getting bored and before that happens I want to have tried out different methods to make credits. I am not looking for The best ways to make money but just the ways to get money, if someone knows a nice youtube video that shows it all that would also be great!

Where do I find more ships?
In the stations I looked, this would be a few systems around Dromi, I found 6 different ships that I could buy. The most expansive ship was a Cobra III and so I bought it, but where can I find different ships. My cobra is holding, only new ships are exciting.

Are there groups/clans/alliances in this game?
If there are, can I do work for them? For exmaple transporting items to another station for the alliance.

I didnt knew what flair to give it, thought 'Discussion' would be the best option.

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