A instant one click flash should not be in the game its that simple.

3 of the 7 maps (labs,factory,shoreline) are now entirely unplayable unless you are also using the flash shotgun. The only counter play is to insta kill them before they can flash you. A nerf is not a reasonable option. Removal or a insane price increase are the only two options.

Changing how blind the flash makes a PMC would either make it too weak or way to strong. If a PMC is partially blind the flash is useless. If the PMC is entirely blind its way to strong. Changing the duration of the flash would do nothing but hurt solo players. As it stands the full flash lasts 15-20sec and can be spammed 4 times. Anything 5 seconds or shorter is useless to the solo PMC.

Can we stop pretending this game is supposed to simulate real life with wolverine like healing inhuman strength and recoil control like its a nerf water gun. The community doesn't want gimmicks anymore. Some of the most recent updates like the GL, weight system rework, and now this flash cannon are not what we want to see.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jflmqm/a_instant_one_click_flash_should_not_be_in_the/

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