A letter to DotA 2 dev

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Im one of those who played since DotA 1. I love playing with my friends. Now that Im older, I am mostly playing solo ques. However, it is obvious that matching algorithm forces you to be with new players subsequently at some point, causing losing streak .

I just recently had 2 succeeding games wherein the offlaners pick pudge and one of them built dagon offlane and 5 succeeding games wherein our team have 100-200 wins while enemies have 3000+ wins. Why the f do you need to do this instead of just letting players be matched randomly? This creates desperation for esp for new as well as for casual players. The fact that you only have 5m active players with no significant yearly addition while LoL has 110m implies DotA is a dying game.

What happens if those 5m get married 5-10 yrs from now and forced to stop playing, while there are no new gen. filling up the number, will that be the time then that you will fix this up? I know the devs are hardworking but the higher ups are just disappointment. If dota wont survive w/in 10 yrs time frame, then that demise is well deserved.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/nnwmjg/a_letter_to_dota_2_dev/

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