A new shoreline extraction idea

Okay so I think shoreline has the potential to be hands down the best map next wipe with just a few updates.

  1. We need a marked room. We technically have a marked room but it’s worthless. Lower the rest loot in the resort, or randomize it with the dynamic loot system. Shoreline has so many POI around the map and many hidden stashes. Make it so resort isn’t the main/only place to go for high tier loot. In short, nerf the rooms in resort but add the marked room to make it still worth going to for that room only. If you’re not looking for doc case/ ammo case ect and willing to fight for it, then players might frequent other parts of the maps more often.

  2. I’d like sanitar to spawn more often and maybe be a bit harder to kill in terms of strategy or approach to killing him. He seems pretty simple to take down at this point.

  3. And this would probably be the biggest improvement. We need a better extract. At the moment there are only two 100% extracts located at the very ends of the map. You may get lucky with the others but it’s unreliable. I propose a activable extract, available 100% of the time upon certain conditions. An extract central in the map. I think having a button in resort basement that opens the river flood gates or some kinda cool visual with the river and then allows pmc’s to extract in the power station in the middle. Maybe a paracord will be needed as well and maybe the button or river flooding also disables the boat extract. I think having a closer reliable extract will evolve this map from snore-line back to a relevant map.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qybgkd/a_new_shoreline_extraction_idea/

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