A no base playthrough

We've beat the game and are waiting for new content to come out. I've still had an itch to play but am done with my base, so been trying to think of limitations to set upon myself.

I like the idea of a no base play through. Basically you can't have a base at all. This would impose quite a few limitations just with this one rule

-No mass item storage. All items must be kept on the player or in a boat

-No dedicated smelting/crafting area. Id have to build a kiln and smelter everytime I want to work with metal

-No bee farms. This means certain recipes like serpents stew are off the table.

-Portals become less important. With no main base to store and pick up items from, and no portal room, portals aren't really useful. Would likely only be placed at the current boss stone.

I think this would make for a really exciting playthrough. There would be a ton of sailing in a ship full of my most valuable items. I wouldn't be able to stockpile food so I will always have to keep an eye on my rations and the world around me. I'd have to manage my inventory thoroughly, which would likely be best done by limiting the number of active objectives at one time.

Tell me what you guys think, what other pitfalls would I be putting myself in with this limitation?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/mllikp/a_no_base_playthrough/

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