A place I would love to see Tarkov in

I have been playing the game since i got my PC last January. One of the first games I ever played on PC (that was a mistake) but like many, I have truly fallen in love with it. I think we all can agree we love and hate it at the same time because it offers a shooter that really cannot be compared to any other of its genre.

With this being said, there is a state I would love to see Tarkov in and the purpose of the post is to see if other players agree, disagree or have any knowledge to if its planned or not. I play the game often, I know the game well- but I am not always aware of news/plans simply because of work/personal life.

I would like to see Tarkov in a somewhat permanent state. Though I do enjoy wipes and find them interesting- I really enjoy the RPG element as well. Working to make as much money as I can, multiple weapon and ammo/mag cases, items cases and so on. As well as leveling up my skills. Up until this point I have never even attempted to go for Kappa. I dont enjoy the quests. I dont want to run around with a mosin for 5 matches, or load in and kill scavs without meds on woods… ONLY to have to do it all again in a couple months. It isnt enjoyable to me. I feel as if I am not the only one.

However, if Tarkov implemented a permanent character- and a seasonal character.. what is everyone thoughts on this ? So you have a character that wipes- however many months- but a character you can continously build up. I feel like this can solve a few issues as well; it would be interesting if they added a < 20 lobby- this provides 2 things. A remedy for newer players because if we are being honest- this game is brutal at first. Map knowledge, looting knowledge and combat knowledge all go hand and hand and take some time to aquire. This undoubtedly scares newer players off and I would assume as a fan/player of the game; we all want a bigger playerbase to make the game enjoyable. This allow doesnt allow perma players to interfere with players who decide to wipe. As my maxed PMC cannot enter a < 20 queue. Gear can be transferred from the Seasonal PMC to the Perma PMC but never the other way around.

I feel this gives players such as myself, a more enjoyable permanent- building exp. granted- I am not the greatest at this game and am not sitting on 164 mill roubles and such- So i do understand players speaking from a standpoint of the game becoming stale at that point. However I do feel this remedies both situations. Assume a wipe comes and you decide you want to take a break from questing for kappa (again) you can quickly switch to your permanent and go take on more geared players looking for the same thing. I do feel this gives players more room for achievements/expierence type credentials. Things such as allowing you to constantly level up, or maybe some form of prestige system to showcase your knowledge and time played.

Just some thoughts! Curious to know yours !

TLDR: A “seasonal” PMC and a “perma” PMC. I’d love to see it.. What do you think ?

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