A Possible Fair Redesign of BTC Farm

I will flair this as discussion even though it can be taken as a suggestion. I've seen people constantly… Debate (for lack of a better work meaning scream at each other in argument) with each other over the Bitcoin farm and how to make it fair due to the high price of Bitcoin this wipe (It was ~140-160k roubles for most of last wipe from memory).

Now people have suggested various things to fix the economy such as make Bitcoin price static, make top tier ammo and gear much more expensive, give GPUs health (whatever you call it) and have them degrade over time, have Bitcoin take longer to mine as the wipe progresses and various other thoughts.

The one I haven't seen mentioned is having a Bitcoin farm that is entirely based on individual player progression. To make it simpler for the maths lets set Bitcoin to be static at 500k and say that in order to build each level of the Bitcoin farm you require the corresponding amount of GPUs up front (just for the math, I'm sure it can be implemented better).

So the idea is no matter when in the wipe you get around to building the Bitcoin farm, level 1 will grant you 2 Bitcoin per day, level 2 will grant 4 per day and level 3 will grant 6 per day. The kicker is as soon as you build level 1, every day after your farm will lose part of its efficiency, say 1% per day until you can only mine 1 Bitcoin per day. This efficiency value would be inherited in level 2 and level 3, so if it took you 50 days from initially building level 1 to get to level 3 you're potential 6 Bitcoins per day will already be down to 3.5 per day (halfway to the eventual 1 per day limit).

This rewards the players that rush the Bitcoin farm but doesn't hurt the casual players as much as they can always stay on level 1 without further investment into level 2 or 3. Perhaps the inherited efficiency value could be halved when levelling up so if you want to level the farm up late wipe when your level 1 farm is down to 1 Bitcoin per day you can still get 2.5 per day at level 2 and 3.5 per day at level 3 to encourage the profession.

Just my thoughts on something that would reward all players in some way without penalizing the daily grinders or the casuals in a harsh way. I know we are all sick of talking about the economy and next wipe may be more brutal and hardcore but I've not seen this thought raised and to me is seems both fair and balanced. The math above was kept basic on purpose and can definitely change.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mn44eb/a_possible_fair_redesign_of_btc_farm/

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