A reminder that Reince is still 13 provisions

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When Reince was first revealed during the Once upon a pyre expansion I really hated this card. It was a 13 provision card that could brick on deploy and you pretty have to run a crappy card like Rico to prevent this from happening. On top of that he has order ability that has a lot of potential, but since he is 5 power he is an Elder Bear that is just going to die.

However despite my negative impression of the card, I actually grew to really love playing Reince. While he can't be put in just any deck, if you build one correctly with him in mind, he is actually really good. I've been playing him in two of my hyper control lists since Part 1 of Price of Power and have good success with them even as of right now. I am currently running him in my homebrewed Mid Range Enslave list which fairs pretty well in the current greedy meta. There have been numerous times where he has come in clutch because people don't expect him and since the meta is so greedy his order ability usually pops off.

So since the Price Of Power expansion has finished and we have seen all the cards, I am still wonder WHY IS REINCE STILL 13 PROVISIONS? I mean seriously when you compare him to other high end legendries like Fucusya who is of the same provisions or a cheaper card like Whoreson Junior(Who is a better SY equivalent pretty much) 13 provision on Reince is asking way too much.

I really hope in the patch they buff Reince to 11 provisions and maybe even make him 6 power to make him more fair priced for what he does. Anyone have any other thoughts on Reince they would like to share?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/q69jkq/a_reminder_that_reince_is_still_13_provisions/

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