A small little survey about the general building that people do in survival

New Valheim update

So I have put a fair few hours into the game… that I would rather leave unspecified lol. And a thought occurred after looking at this subreddit: "how do people build their bases?"

For me I build wide and have a lot of different buildings for different purposes over a wide area (parts of my town don't render in if you're at one side) and not many big projects so I wanted to make a pol to see how others build their bases.

Happy to see the poll doing well, but if I could ask a favour because now I'm going to make some charts about this.

Could you please share this with a few people you know play so I can get a wide data net that would be dope!

Also I have another poll if you're interested in answering would be much appreciated!

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/nozl0w/a_small_little_survey_about_the_general_building/

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