A STW Battlepass, my ideas and how it could work, and how it can help.

So, yesterday I saw a post asking people wether or not they think a Save The World battlepass could work, and wether or not it would help bring back the mode. I saw a lot of positive discussion on that post, so I decided to make a full fledged concept for it.

I’ll be going over how it works, what would be in the pass, why I made things that way and even explain my concept for the first ever STW Battlepass.


Alright, so let’s go over how it’d work. Every Save The World Battlepass would be connected to Ventures, giving the passes a set time frame to adhere to, and also giving easy access to any challenges or quests associated with the pass, regardless of difficulty or progression. However, Battlepass progress can be made regardless of the mode you’re playing. Wether that be normal missions in normal zones, Ventures, Dungeons, etc, you’ll still make progress on your Battlepass regardless. This allows players to do what they want while still progressing. They don’t have to feel forced to play certain missions, they can simply continue on as normal.

The Save The World Battlepasses would also have different sets of items compared to the BR Battlepass, both cosmetics and progression items.

Cosmetics: Outfits, backblings and pickaxes that can be used in both STW and BR, with the perceived “exclusivity” of these outfits it could lead BR players to try STW just to get skins. The Outfits from the pass would also become pass exclusive Heroes.

Schematics: Battlepass exclusive schematics, allowing for new content on the STW side of things, as well as giving players of all power levels something to chew on.

Progression Items: Regular progression items like Gold, Drops of Rain, Survivors, Manuals, etc. Would all be offered in the pass as well, allowing new players to rapidly progress without grinding.

Superchargers: For the endgame players, Superchargers as well as vouchers can be earned from the pass as well, allowing them to improve upon their collections.

Vbucks: Last and most importantly, Vbucks. These Vbucks would be available to EVERYONE, founder or not, to encourage further play.


To exemplify the ideas above, as well as explain how exactly these passes could work, here’s my concept for a STW Battlepass.


Since there are a variety of items for STW and BR on the pass, I’m going to be a bit more conservative with the cosmetic sets offered by STW. Instead of the 8 cosmetic sets per Battlepass, I’m going to go with 5 instead. One would be a STW inspired custom skin (or otherwise unique STW skin), one would be a pre-existing STW character made into an outfit, characters like Jess, Kyle, AC, etc. A crossover outfit, that fits STWs themes of rescuing survivors and living in the apocalypse, and another original character, either completely unique to STW or a character that can bridge BR and STW. The 5th set of cosmetics would be the equivalent to BRs “secret skin”, being revealed later on in the season bringing people back to the mode. Naturally, all of these sets would have other items like backblings, pickaxes, wraps, and maybe even emotes as well.

For the First STW Battlepass, the first unlockable outfit/character would The Commander themselves, a customizable skin/hero with multiple unlockable options earned through completing quests, and making progress on the pass. With gender, hair, face, clothing and color options it could easily entice both STW and BR players equally.

The second outfit/character would likely be one of the major Homebase characters that aren’t already in BR. Director Riggs, Major Oswald, Clip or Dennis could easily work.

If epic were to do this and make the first STW pass as enticing as possible, the crossover character would likely be a big name character. In my mind I see a Gaming Legends skin, possibly someone like Frank West, Leon Kennedy, a fallout Vault Dweller, or someone else from apocalyptic settings.

The final character on the main pass would be The Storm King, of course. As the major antagonist of the series he would be the perfect final reward for the first ever pass.

And the “secret” outfit set could be some important character from BR, either a unique version of Slone, Jones, or a member of the Seven to really draw in the BR bois.



Now, for the first STW Battlepass, all of the schematics would be based on the Founder’s Weapons. However, the way to balance them (and quell founder outrage) would be to have the schematics act as regular 5 star weapons. No exclusive 6th perks for them, just the regular 6th perk rotations.

This way, a new player can still get a Nocturno but they can’t get the founder’s Nocturno. It allows founders to keep some exclusivity while also allowing new players to experience those weapons in a balanced and fair way. And saves epic some development time to make future passes even more enticing.

As a small aside, unlocking the Nocturno on the STW pass would also unlock a Nocturno wrap as a cosmetic option.



Now this is the clincher, the Vbucks. It’s no secret that BR players would love to get extra Vbucks out of STW, and this is a way to give them that while not encroaching on founder’s status.

New STW players have to buy STW starter packs, which grant them 1,500 Vbucks and a cosmetic set, which most people seem to enjoy.

With this STW Battlepass though, we’d have the starter packs, but also additionally offer the Save The World Battlepass for Vbucks. The pass would give players another 1,500 Vbucks, just like the pass in BR, but unlike BR the STW pass would only cost 500 Vbucks. Allowing players to keep more of the VBucks they earn and having a lower buy in price as well. This way, BR bois are more inclined to keep playing STW since they will be able to earn “free Vbucks” and continue adding to their collection of cosmetics along the way. A win/win/win situation for all parties involved.


Those are just my thoughts, and I had a few additional ideas I could discuss in the comments if people are interested. What did you think of my idea? And did you have any ideas of your own to add onto this?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/ql941g/a_stw_battlepass_my_ideas_and_how_it_could_work/

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