A Tale of Two Seeds

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Map Seeds

I have posted these over on Valheim_Seeds subreddit but adding here for discussion about map variability.

This seed is far and away the easiest seed that I have come across. There is a Maypole abandoned camp just feet from the spawn and on the coast. There are piles of wood free for the taking. Bees are plentiful and easy to obtain. Lots of easy wildlife to harvest and the terrain is relatively flat. I found a 2 star boar not far from camp on my first day. I won't explicitly spoil bosses and the Trader but none are more than a short portage or raft ride away. This map has a very advanced start, like all the stuff you would want if you could pick an advanced start when starting a new map.

Do you like to constantly have the Wet debuff? Do you like to spend all of your stamina climbing hills? How about long hikes to gather just about anything? Then this map is for you. You spawn on a shallow tiny island chain. There are two large islands on either side that are super hilly with really messed up coastlines, deep mini fjords. A giant ravine bisects one of the larger islands. I didn't find my first troll until Day 27. The Trader is not too bad to find but at least one of the bosses will require significant seafaring. This map makes Valheim feel like a different game, like an alien map. Especially the start.

What do you think of the variability in map generation? Do you think there should be a First Time Playing map option? Some sliders to customize map generation?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/q2q1co/a_tale_of_two_seeds/

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