A theory to an discontinued storyline?

Deep down I EXTREMELY feel like Dr. Vinderman caused the storm to form and take over the earth.

Yea I know it sound bogus but hear me out……

Vinderman somehow knew what the storm was and was trying to harness its power source in his lab. The storm proved to be too uncontrollable and exploded his lab and slowly covered the entire earth. He DISAPPEARED.

What do you mean DISAPPEARED?

Im pretty sure he's ALIVE if the story wasn't discontinued, we would be fighting a Storm-riddled version of Vinderman.


Because! In the main storyline, Carlos was sucked into a rift into a storm like area. He warned that there are more storm kings and something greater (if I remember correctly…) what if Vinderman was creating the storm kings?

Ok ok here where I go off the rails a bit….

Im extremely sure there's someone above Vinderman giving him the supplies and power to form storm kings and husks right? What if there was a mini storm king Vinderman created himself in the lab before the storm even happened that no one knew about? And when the the storm actually formed it gained a mass amount of strength compared to the other storm king. They would had called it Master Storm King.

What about the storm-riddled Vinderman thing ?

Im getting to that right now! ok so there would had been a fight against the Master Storm King. We would win(of course) and Vinderman would had seen his creation being flushed down the toilet in a matter of moments. Out of straight anger he proceeded to absorb The Purple Cube's energy turing him into The ULTIMATE STORM KING!

what happens next?
Idk but I'd love it to somehow tie into the Battle Royale Story.

What do you think what would had happen past Twine Peaks?

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