A title without any swear words in it. Stay calm…. It’s just a game….

EDIT: I am talking about this: https://imgur.com/a/gyl0EgF

So, the shitty lag spike ovewatch is there because they are unable to remove Chinese cheaters and are so afraid of RMT (also Chinese), right? Or am I missing something?

TL;DR: While this shitty mechanic ruins my days, it does it the worst (longest) way possible, while BSG asks me kindly not to try to leave the games again….

Honestly, the person, who thought this mechanic was the answer, should step on Legos everyday.

  1. It does absolutely nothing with cheating, just (maybe) removes a part of them
  2. The same with RMT

What it does really well however is to fuck up our gaming experience, or let me be more precise: Makes it impossible to play the game during some day times for some of us and just randomly buttplugs us during the night sessions. And I usually have PING on EU servers around 20-60ms (ingame meter) and <20ms according to the server select tool.

OK, I'm not a dev, maybe there are other reasons and benefits.


  1. Is it necessary to clear the whole fucking memory? I have a decent PC but loading a game of Reserve / Interchange still takes around let's say 90secs on average? I load the map, play a bit then BSG decides that I'm Chinese or whatever (Im in EU), cleares the whole cache, gives me an extra time to think about my crimes while watching the laggy circle spinning and let's me do the same thing again? So my toon is defenceless for 3 minutes while I am frustrated. Lovely. Can't there be a step in-between the raid and hideout interface? I am sure the server can have us in a different mode temporarily so that the spikes do not affect others, not just kick us.

BUT TO MAKE IT EVEN BETTER2) BSG has the fucking audacity to tell me that I TRIED TO LEAVE??? Seriously, whoever came up with that – FUCK YOU, I never have, never will! Why would I leave my PMC just standing there?

Rant over, have a nice day!

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