Abilities and powers of ghosts

I think everyone agrees on one thing, Ghosts are boring as shit. So I was wondering about things ghosts could do, so here are 2 ideas.

PS: doing this on mobile

•1: Fixing sabos
By this i mean the ghosts could fix a sabotage 0-3 times (changeable in settings) for balancing, they could fix lights or comms on their own but would need 2 ghosts for reactor and when fixing 02, one panel counts as half of a fix so a ghost could solo but if 1 ghost does one panel and another does the other, both lose a full fix. Also ghost fix is different from crew fix meaning a ghost can fix one panel but crew still has to fix 2 (If crew fix 02 but a ghost has done one panel they will be given half a fix back)

•2: disrupting impostor
Ghosts could either give impostor low vision or mark vents meaning if an impostor hops out of that vent they will leave a trail behind them that crew can see and last 5 seconds but impostor can see which vents are marked, if impostor does hop out of a marked vent, that vent will be locked for 15 seconds. Ghosts could also see which vents are connected but marks on vents disappear after 1 minute.

This took like 30 minutes for the first one alone so ya…
Leave ur ideas in the comments

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kuwvkz/abilities_and_powers_of_ghosts/

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