About Alumni

Yennefer's Journey

My opponent play pincer maneuver.
Round 1 defender and double leticia with tissaia on ban ard student.aretuza mage. he play down to 4 cards so long round 3
yep alumni is 15 damage 14 boost

so long R3
2 copy of original alumni
then chapter of wizards into runeword into 1 alumni
spawn 1 from order
reinforcement into 1 alumni
queen adalia into 1 shield copy
that's 20 point alumni 6 card on board
and it doesn't stop there
2 patience makes perfect into them again
1 from hand 1 from gerhard
and there is casting contest too.

I don't mind out greed
but this deck has flexible play between insane removal and buff points to protect staffs

how to compete this deck if u are not playing control
i played mushroom gedy sperm preachers kind of deck

Any idea on tech against this deck
how to counter extra
tho I don't really want to play control deck:)
thanks for reading

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/q4c5eq/about_alumni/

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