About invited casters

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I think that like any situation, the fact that some casters were invited and some not, is good and bad for us in an equal manner.

You see, it's true that we're probably gonna miss some casters. And some people were working on TI for years. And they might have been good. And this overall situation is kinda weird. I think what would be interesting for us, viewers, is to know how exactly people were chosen or not chosen.

On the other hand, I believe that someone gotta do something to present new people to the dota scene. We can't just use iPhone 6 for the 373628th year in a row. At some point we gotta change it. It's good. Indeed, but world change, technologies change as well. At some point you gotta face the reality. We need new casters and new players to keep the dota scene alive. You can't even imagine how it is difficult to get some attention on youtube or twitch, for example, when you're a newcomer. These platforms just do not promote any new content creators. They only care about money, so they promote only popular and famous people. And for years dota was doing the same with talents. It's great that this year something changed. It feels refreshing. Event tho ofc it sucks that we won't see some people.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/pqs99x/about_invited_casters/

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