About OG and their Nepotism approach, a true fan critic.

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Hi all,

I would like to speak about the nepotism in OG and why I think it's a problem.

Short message before I begin

First I want to say that I really like OG. As I'm approaching 30, I don't really play Dota anymore, I only watch professional tournaments, mainly OG's games. I believe that OG is a great team and can't argue with the fact that they have achieved the greatest achievement a team can only dream of.

I've followed OG since they first formed their squad with Tal and Notail, back when MoomMeander, Miracle & Cr1t were a part of the team.

I wish to speak from a different point of view, about what I believe holds OG back from maintaining stability with different rosters over the years, in particular since TI9.

If you are a part of OG's org, you have been recruited either by applying to a job, or by knowing someone from the inside.

Sockshka – Director of Competitive Operations

OG's coach, Titouan Merloz (Sockshka) has been a long time friend with Ceb prior to him joining OG, to quote him:

I know Ceb for more than 10 years now, he is a friend and we kept close contact even after I retired. source

Import to say that Sockshka did not have any actual experience coaching before joining OG and wasn't in a notable team for 4 years, having temporary stacks before. source

Charlie Debs – COO

Charlie stepped in originally to help the team heal and recover, following the sudden and unforeseeable departure of Tal and S4.

Pretty obvious, by his last name, that he's related to Ceb (Brothers). Although they are brothers and in contrast to Sockshka, Charlie actually had previous experience with managing a small non profit company called Smart Valleys prior to him joining OG. source

The Three Musketeers – Are OG's cores replaceable?

What is the common factor between iLTW, Sumail, Pajkatt, MidOne and Resolution, besides the fact that they all played the carry role for OG?

The quick answer is that they are not Notail, Ceb and Topson. But this common factor holds much more depth into it.

When I think of OG, I personally don't think about Sockshka, ppasarel or saksa. I think about Ceb and Notail (and last 1-2 years Topson). The 2 back-to-back TI winner players have solidified themselves as the core of OG. Although Notail & Ceb were the core before, it's thickened and grew deeper roots since their miraculous TI runs in 2018 & 2019.

Every team has a core. In Secret you could say that the core is Puppey, and perhaps cyborgmatt. In EG Cr1t, Arteezy & Bulba (although Fly is heading there) could be treated as the core.

The difference between EG-Secret case and OG, is that EG and Secret can replace their cores, and still remain EG & Secret. In OG's scenario the core players are actually the owners, meaning if you are not a part of the core, you are working underneath them.

Why is this a problem?

Let's imagine how it feels like to join OG as a carry.
You enter a team which 2/5 of it is paying your salary, the management/coaching department are mostly associated with these players, creating an inner circle and an outer circle – that's where you are.

You are not equal in all means. You are being tested by a group of people which are all in sync with each other and friends beyond the organization itself. This is a problem. This is not an healthy circle to work at and may put you in a spot where you always feel like you need to prove yourself.

Now let's return to the previous question, What is the common factor between iLTW, Sumail, Pajkatt, MidOne and Resolution?

They have all entered an organization which they were left out in the outer circle of. For OG, these players are replaceable. This side effect of the structure of the team is making their newcomers have a hard time adapting even though they are full of skill and potential.

Every new player which enters a well established team will have pressure and feel outside for a while. But in this case, it's much tougher.

To summarize, regarding OG's current state and lack of improvement, I believe that OG's nepotism approach and structure is limiting their ability to add new players to their team.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/nephb0/about_og_and_their_nepotism_approach_a_true_fan/

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