About recoil and full auto meta.

TL;DR We could benefit from a recoil multiplier that only applies to full-auto fire and single shots in rapid succession. Such multiplier will vary depending on the weight, operating system, caliber, rate of fire. etc on different guns. If you fully mod an M4 into 29 vertical recoil, well-aimed single shots will give you that exact performance, but full auto spray will be affected by the multiplier and give you a significantly higher recoil.

Everybody has been blaming the full auto meta on in-house recoil control. However, I would like to remind people up till now we still have lazer beam weapons in the game. Currently, the lowest recoil on M4A1 is 29 and it is suppressed. Imagine the absolute hell that these things will bring when people get to pair them with 60/100 rounders and M995. Half of the game will be "Imma Fire Muh Lazer" simulator. In my opinion, extremely low recoil build is playing a role equally as bad as character recoil compensation.

Here's my take:

First, I would like to say I am not denying the fact that certain rifles can simply be modified to have negligible recoil. I've shot a pretty kitted out AR-15 and a 100% mil-spec M4A1 carbine in Battlefield Vegas. I gotta say the difference was dramatic, to say the least, and that was with the AR-15 having a bunch of California compliant nonsense. When you put a good compensator with some other stuff that negates recoil on an AR, you can literally make the felt recoil on an AR almost non-exsistence. In a sense, 29 recoil on an AR platform isn't ridiculous at all. However, I only shot that gun in semiauto because full-auto wasn't an option.

Now I have a theoretical answer to the full auto meta: An incremental multiplier for full-auto recoil.

Make the effect of recoil reduction differ on full-auto and semi-auto. For instance, we can still mod M4A1 down to 29 recoil, but this "29" is mostly felt in semi-auto fire. When you try to full auto spray, a recoil multiplier will kick in. (Numbers used here are completely arbitrary and are used only to make the concept easier to understand). For example, for the first 5 rounds, every shot you fire in quick succession will make the next shot's recoil higher by a little bit. For shots #6-#10 this multiplier will drastically increase. For the last 15 rounds or so your character will stabilize the recoil but still not as effective as semi-auto's "29". In summation, if we are looking at an M4A1 with 29 recoil, then well-aimed shots in semi-auto mode will always have that 29 recoil. However, if you try to spray, your recoil starting with the first shot will be like "29-33-39-45-55-68-80-etc", then your character start to compensate the recoil halfway thru the magazine and slightly reduce the recoil "80-75-70-71-72-70-etc" until your mag runs dry. In this case, the M4A1 that you spent half a million to mod still has a significant performance enhancement in short burst and especially in semi-auto mode, but if you choose to full auto spray it you will be getting on average about 65-75 vertical recoil instead of a 29 recoil Star War blaster.

This "multiplier" will vary from guns to guns depending on the weight, operating mechanism, caliber and rate of fire etc. AKM could have a high multiplier because it fires a beefy round and uses a long-stroke piston paired with a heavy reciprocating bolt, whereas M4A1 could have a medium-highish multiplier due to its rapid rate of fire. This won't affect SMGs nearly as much because even full-auto with pistol caliber cartridges don't feel that bad at all.

Let me make one thing clear before I get downvoted to hell, I do not design games nor do I understand the process of programming. I understand this system that I proposed could be rather difficult to accomplish and by no means do I rush BSG into doing it. This is merely a concept and an attempt of finding a middle ground of fixing full-auto spray meta while retaining the recoil compensation system in Tarkov.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/dv0bfu/about_recoil_and_full_auto_meta/

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