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I think that Rience is relatively fine in a hyperthin list. Him and Rico make up a nice duo and so far, from a personal point of view, he doesn't seem to brick. That is to say, he requires a setup. But then again, don't other cards require setup as well? His isn't that demanding for a hyperthin if you think about it. Personally, all I want for my round 3 is to have Ffion Van Gaernel in hand (the defender, I just like his name lol), Rico on the deck and Rience at my hand as well or having oneiromancy to get him out of the deck which isn't happening often.

My point is that if Rience gets buffed, he might cross that thin threshold where his winrate is going to skyrocket. I mean he's a potential double removal and allthough it requires some setup, I don't think that he's underperforming at all. It's just a big time card for hyperthin.

At first, I've tried to include it in my standard hyperthin list with tibor and the triss/yen/xarthisius/Vilgefortz package, but it was clunky because I realzed that having 2 big combos in a deck that intertwine with each other is not a great idea (or a consistent one at that). So I've made 2 hyperthin lists, one being the standard Tibor one and the other being a Rience built one with Kolgrim as a backup plan.

And guess what: So far, I've been winning almost every matchup with Rience. The exceptions are stuff like mill and clog mostly. But overall, I don't see some issue. And the best part is that when I saw this card, despite liking its art design and its 2 part ability, the ''equal'' with ''no less'' wording gave me a hard time believing that this card would be even viable. But little did I know…

I've experimented quite a bit until I found a list for him. It's working quite well. My following question is this: What's your Expe''Rience'' with/against him so far?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/nx0nss/about_rience/

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