About that new ‘finding armour in raid” mechanic….

For me, this was the biggest thing in the patch. I was really looking forward to this. I always liked looting, see what you can get out of a raid, PVEing, etc. I like doing zero to hero runs even tho Ive been level 50+ since I play and always end up with several hundred million in stash. I just like the excitement and using what you find etc.

So hearing you can now loot armour and other gear finally in raid was my biggest anticipation.

Now I just had a look on the flea, one day after introduction and….holy shit. You better pack your best ammo from now on.

Zhuk used to be 500-600k on 100%


Slick used to be 700-750k for 100%


Those are heavy drops in prices for only being one day in the game. Prices almost halved!!

Im very curious to see how that will play out once the patch hit. Because highest end tier gear was always reserved for reaching high levels and leveling up your traider before you could run that gear.

But now….you can just loot a stash and find a Zhuk in the first raid after a wipe while everyone is running 5.45 PS ammo. So…..thaaaaats gonna be interesting to see. If the probability of finding end gear game will be lower at the start of a wipe? We will have to see how that will go. Im not leaning on negativ or positive yet since its basically end of the wipe and everyone is maxed out anyway.

Other thing I was wondering: do they bring back Sicc and weapon cases for marked rooms in the beginning of next wipe? Or will they stay removed for ever? We will see.

Anyway….just some thoughts. What are yours?

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