About World Masters Divination challenge

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I really liked the winning prize although its kinda impossible to predict everything right but I would like to make a guess as good as possible to have that slight chance. It would also be more exciting to watch because of my 'bets' but the problem is I've been playing and watching gwent for a year and don't know most of the players, its safe to say that tailbot is by far the favourite to win, and kolemoen would probably be the second most powerfull candidate, but for the other players I have little to no clue how good they are, we know magpie is that kelly guy who is the dark horse in whatever tournament he is in, freddybabes uploads to youtube but I haven't seen him in competitive scene, and for the other players I haven't even heard of them. What are you guys takes on matchups, odds etc. And about the players that I havent mentioned which ones are more active-better, this info would also be better when wathcing the masters as I would know more about the players I never heard of and feel more familiarity.

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