Activity: Create your dream Patch Notes (while waiting for the trailer)

Patch Note:

  • Optimized Everything
    • yes, everything is optimized, you can run the game even on low end PCs (coming to smart phone soon ™ because you guys have phones right?)
    • game is now stutter free
      •… it.. is.. now..
  • Open World is implemented
    • you can now go anywhere without load time
  • Survival is implemented
    • You can hunt, farm, etc.
  • You can now Squat to assert dominance
  • You can marry a Scav and have scav babies
  • You can use V.A.T.S
  • If you die in Tarkov you die in real life

Note: The patchnote i posted is my own and is just fiction and exaggerated a bit for fun. thank you


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