Adressing the strength topic again…

Getting level 4 strength is a bitch. Yeah i know everyone has heard it 20 times since 0.12 release, but this aspect of the game is just… well, boring. There's literally no fun in having to spend either several million roubles on flashbangs earlygame to be able to progress in the hideout, or have a friend spawn next to you and smack the shit out of his legs untill level 4 and then let him do the same to you. The overweight part i can understand, and it's honestly a good feature, but damn is it tedious. Once you're overweight it take FOREVER to level, and i don't really feel like wandering about overweight for 6 hours doing nothing at all but wandering hoping not to get shot in the face by a toz-scav or player.

I mean, skills like metabolism are also pretty slow to level but atleast you can come across ALOT of food in a raid, which makes it possible to easily level passibly while you're doing other stuff in-raid. It's still a chore and a hassle, but it's still FUN!

I've gotten to level 32 since the update, which is about the same level as i way before wipe so i'm pretty happy with that, but with my "normal" playstyle i'm still only like 2/3 to level 2 strength, and i've been stuck in leveling the hideout for quite some time just because of the strength skill that fucks me over. And i honestly just couldn't be arsed to spend half a day doing shit i don't want to do instead of having fun.

You can level the rest of the hideout to level 2/3 in the matter of days/ a week playing normally, and then comes strength req level 4 and you'd have to spend weeks playing NORMALLY to be able to reach that level, i just don't get why there's such a huge gap in difficulty on one specific level in the hideout.

Everything about EFT is fucking great, and i love this game don't get me wrong! But this one, teenytiny skill is just pure horseshit and i don't like it.

What i'm trying to say is that they need to either up the xp gains from passivly training strength so that it doesn't take weeks to level to such a low level as 4, or somehow implement a better way to be able to gain strength xp without it being a full-time job. If i want repetetive gameplay i might aswell go play runescape and not tarkov.



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