Advice to players: Try playing with a dramatic movie soundtrack music in the background

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My best friend and I added one of those discord bots into our discord server. I then played some playlist from spotify that has movie soundtrack mixes. For example like Hans Zimmer in Pirates of the Carribean, Inception, Interstellar etc. Or other songs like LotR music, Gladiator music and many more epic music.

The thing with these kind of music is, it helps you really concentrate first of all. Because we noticed whenever we listened to music with lyrics, it could sometimes make us lose our focus because we would start singing along or concentrate on the words. However if its just epic ambient cinema music it feels really atmospheric.

Almost as if ur a main character in a movie trying to overcome adversity…

And thats the best part. It makes the game a hell lot more intense and fun. The best part was when my buddy was Spirit Breaker and I was Axe. and the game was really intense with some music playing steadily. Then as our teammates regrouped we could feel the music getting deeper and deeper… As if something was about to happen soon. The song was Pirates of the Caribbean music. Anyways the teamfight starts and things get shaky and the music is getting more and more intense right as we start fighting. And then… just when things were looking dire for us my friend makes a charge and I blink + call 3 heroes in the enemy team and boom!!! Its the iconic climax part of the music playing in the background while I managed to kill all 3 enemies and save the teamfight.

It would be an understatement how much adrenaline felt at that moment. Like you're a main character in a movie and you just came the biggest obstacle to overcome your enemy and now you are a hero. And I feel like I would'nt have felt that if there was no background music to compliment our actions at the exact perfect time.

It was epic man. This is what dota is all about

So tl;dr: dramatic music being in sync with your gameplay and teamfights is the shit you gotta try atleaast once before you die


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