After a long time i think i have Tarkov running extremely well. [[Here are my settings]]

I hope these settings help people as I've struggled for so long to get consistent high fps, i'm not very good at structuring instructions but i will do my best.

I have combed through guides after guides to help improve my fps and have came to the conclusion the settings i have now are the best.

I will probably miss something but feel free to point out anything i have, i'm sure there will be things i don't have set that have been suggested to increase fps so again… feel free to point it out.

My Specs:2560 x 1440

i9 9900k @ 5ghz

Nvidia 2080ti

16gb Ram 3600mhz

Nvidia Settings:

Ingame Settings:

I cap my fps at the lowest i usually hit (90) because spikes in the fps feel weird and feel like mouse acceleration.Object LOD Quality made a pretty big impact on my FPS also and i can barely tell the difference.Shadow visibility really helps when looking through windows.TAA is my preference over fxaa and you get slightly better performance.Bios Settings:

Disable C – State (Do at your own risk)

Disable EIST (Do at your own risk)

Disable Speed Step Technolody (Do at your own risk)

I suggest researching these 3 settings to know exactly what they do, but in a simple term they give your CPU max power without reducing when it's not needed. i found that i get less dips in fps (Placebo?) with these disabled but makes your CPU run at max all the time and is terrible for power consumption and arguably your CPU's lifespan but there are some arguments that having some of these settings actually reduce the lifespan of your CPU as reducing and increasing volts all the time is bad for the CPU but like i said, that is both sides of the argument, it is up to you which you choose.

Someone with more knowledge than me could probably explain it a lot better and my explanation could be off a little. I'm no expert.

Disable Hyper Threading

I don't trust the in-game setting to use physical cores, i found the bios setting to give me a noticeable increase in fps, unlike the in-game setting.

I hope these settings help people as i felt for a long time my frames were trash considering my specs.Now my frames are nice and high and they don't oscillate as much. I'm extremely happy with my performance now.


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