After Adrenaline effect, which cards & Keyword could use their own special and sound effect?

the witcher and ciri gwent

Recently, the devs had the good idea to add a red halo border to adrenaline cards which would activate. I think other such halo and sound design could be added to the game. It should ease players mental calculations (we remember the recent open missplay) and show possible options to the newer players.

Things I can think on top of my heads:

A halo for Echo once in the graveyard.

A halo for when bloodthirst activate (could share the red one with adrenaline).

As for sound effect, I really like what they did with the stratagem now that the others should be playable, but other cards deserve this treatment.


Alzur when he creates a card (like Master Mirror).

The old leader cards in general.

And I think we unanimously agree that we want animated and sounded tokens.

What do y’all think?


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