After Getting KAPPA, I feel this quest should be removed

After getting the KAPPA container I realized how horrible one quest is in particular, shooter born in heaven… No, it's Wet job: part 6. Getting your sniper skill to level 6 is so time-consuming and the most efficient way I've found is to bring a Mosin and 2 stacks of ammo into interchange reloading till your dry then suiciding in a bush with a grenade, repeating this process for about 6-8 hours at a cost of about 2 mil in guns grenades and ammo (cheapest without a global limit). or spend days and about 10 mil farming factory with a Mosin according to one of pestily's videos. As it stands the quest should just be removed from the game as it serves no point other than to waste time. To add to the irritation right now bolt action snipers don't have a place in Tarkov as they don't one-shot players in the chest (with the addition to the chest health to 85) and semi-auto rifles like the RFB, M1A, RSASS, etc. Can do the same job better and faster.

Edit: for the people asking about the mentor quest you need to hold off on collecting that quest so you can use it to get to sniper level 9 for the pyscho sniper quest which is also required for kappa


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