after having played this game since beta… i think this might be it (this is not what you think it will be)

Explore DOTA 2's heroes and find detailed hero information such as skills, talents, stats, and more

This isn't a cry for me I'm leaving because I'm salty post. I love dota 2. I'm divine rank currently and this game is the most challenging yet rewarding moba on the market.

I don't know if the time of mobas is just dead or if it's a meta problem or what it is exactly but slowly but surely everyone I know has stopped playing the game.

For the current market the match times are way too long, in an hour I can play like 7 games of legends of runeterra or hunt: shadowlegends for example and get a LOT more out of my time.

The reward system of dota is busted. When I wasn't an adult I agreed that mmr is not a reward system and should just be there to ensure fun matches of dota!

However…. as I've gotten older and played games with more modern ranking systems (LoR, Overwatch, mortal kombat 11, etc) I've realized there is value in making sure an adult/working persons time feels valued.

as people who loved the original dota have gotten older we don't have 7 hours a day to play match after match to actually feel like we've accomplished something in the game anymore.

If my goal is to climb in dota 2, 1 HOUR will get me a measly 30 mmr… that is just not cutting it in todays market.

and, unfortunately, the popularity of the game is slowly but surely showing this in it's ever downward trend.

Most modern ranking systems understand humans are naturally loss averse and they make losing impact you less than winning. Then they reset your rank every few months to ensure there are never too many people at the top.

Market research has shown that this is the optimal form of making a competitive video game. this isn't 2010 anymore where everyone is losing their job and taking a month off from work for everquest raids.

It's 2021 where gaming culture has evolved to be integrated with everyones daily life.

why can't dota 2/valve keep up?


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