After soloing the PL100 inferno dungeon (my first solo dungeon), I can safely say that this is my favorite mode.

Seriously, it's incredibly entertaining to play and rewarding to complete.

My time was 36 minutes and I don't regret a single one of those spent. Husks were plentiful and challenging, but the random loot and generally balanced level gave a feeling of power whenever I'd dominate a crowd.

Minibosses actually seemed like minibosses, and I was scared to engage them.

Revive statues made failure seem less painful, so I was less anxious while playing.

Dungeon crawl style layouts and traps makes for a less build intensive, but still encouraged, play.

Final boss was actually stressful, but not impossible (thank you scrap shot with incredibly fast draw speed).

Who designed this mode, I want to give them all my thanks. It should be permanent IMO, it's that well done.


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