After watching Arcane Valve really chose the most generic and bland character in the whole roster huh

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Just finished watching the first 3 episodes of Arcane and it made me more interested in the characters than the entirety of Dragons blood S1. The characters, music, the world building actually fit together not like dragon blood where they just tried to mash in as much lore as they can in 1 episode like why did they keep talking about where elves live and not show it? Why was there random zombies at the beginning of a episode? What's the point of half of the characters if you just forget they exist? What's the point of the lotus blossoms like why do they keep adding random shots of it if the show isn't going to explain it. I can keep complaining about dragons blood messy lore from a writers perspective but imagine a person watching dragons blood they would just say oh this is just like Castlevania and drop it in like 4 episodes. Also why Davion there's like 100+more interesting characters you could've chosen and the story was barely even about him it was mostly Mirana and Marci. I keep looking at dragons blood as a show that tries to be unique but falls off to become generic knight anime that tries to be "the next castlevania". I mean they could've chosen somebody like Kunkka and Tidehunter which would be more interesting than mister generic anime knight number 26752.
So overall I hope they fix the plotholes and the messy writing but yeah doesn't seem likely


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