All these changes…

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I’ve been playing Dota for yeeeaaarrrsss… Since 1, I played HoN and LoL (briefly) and I always come back to Dota 2.

I stopped playing HoN, because I always felt like their solution to balancing was always to upgrade heroes, and it just resulted in an imbalance. And that’s what is happening in Dota 2 now…

I used to love the dynamic of having to buy and upgrade the chicken, then share it!

I used to love when getting the rune to fill a bottle was treated like an event. Instead of being able to get a bounty rune anytime you want.

Teleportation scrolls weren’t free!

Now when I see Alchemist cracking 30k in 20 min casual games, I cringe…

Scepter only worked on a handful of heroes, now I see a Medusa in almost every game with one.

They already nerfed how much exp you prevent when denying, so it’s basically just to show off now…

shards were a tipping point for me.

The difficulties of this game used to be what separated Dota from HoN and LoL and if they are wondering why they are losing fan base look no further.

People want challenges not metas….

Rant over.


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