All this LVNDMARK hate seems a bit excessive

     As the title says, I feel as if all this hate towards him because of the video is a bit much. You mean to tell me that after playing a game like Tarkov filled with all the frustrating bullshit that comes with it (bugs, de-sync, hackers, and stream snipers) 12 hrs a day everyday, and you expect him to keep perfect composure that entire time? Get the fuck out of here.

     The guy is a human being first and foremost. He isn’t perfect and no one is. That being said, what everyone saw when he was killed, was an emotional gut reaction response. After going through the lengthens he does to combat stream snipers on a daily basis (hiding name, and raid ID), how can one not suspect even a little that it could be stream snipers in the heat of the moment? Yes, in a perfect world, he should have waited and gotten all the information before making accusations. 

       As far as the chat ban goes, he can do whatever he wants with his chat, it’s his channel. End of story. If he felt you were being obnoxious by chatting and donating about the issue well after he tried to drop it, then that is his prerogative. 

       All in all, I think y’all need to lighten the fuck up on streamers. There are days where I quit out of frustration within 15 min of playing Tarkov, so if the worst does is he mistakenly calls someone a stream sniper then who fucking cares.


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