[Alpha] Suggestion for fix to not knowing codes for mission-related container

It's been talked about a bit, so I had some thoughts as to how this problem could get fixed.

  1. Lost IDs

People forget where they put things. If your base is under attack or suffering from catastrophic power loss and you have to evacuate, then making sure you have your ID badge isn't going to be your highest priority. A player, scavenging the abandoned settlement, could find these IDs and use their clearance to get around. Maybe a guaranteed level 3 somewhere in the CMD building.

  1. Profile Recovery at a terminal.

This one I've been debating in my head. It'll be a lot of work for fdev, but could be fun. Rather than finding the ID somewhere, you'd have to search the HAB building for personal logs. When you power a terminal, you could ask it to grant you a copy of a person's profile based upon some security questions based on the logs you've discovered.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mlobxf/alpha_suggestion_for_fix_to_not_knowing_codes_for/

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