Alright everyone, you decide: what’s next?

*Update* – Well, apparently if you try to put up a poll your post will be auto-deleted. So I've listed the choices at the bottom. Comment with your selection.

Hey all. Please read the post before voting.

For a bit of context: I started playing ED back in 2015. I took a several year break, and returned to the game in the latter half of 2020. I was at a bit of a loss for what to do. Do I get back into PvP full swing? Do I grind out credits for a fleet carrier just because? Do I go on a moderate exploration tour of weird space stuff that I never bothered to check out?

As I pondered what to do I began grinding up my credit balance, just in case I decided to throw credits at the (perceived) credit sink that is a fleet carrier. Shortly thereafter I set a goal for myself: I would get my credit balance up to 10,000,000,000 Cr, and then make my decision. That would give me time to knock off some of the flight rust in the event that I chose PvP, amass the credits if I decided to go for a FC plus tons of upkeep money, and get back in touch with what's going on with the community to see if there was anything particularly worth checking out outside of the bubble. Heck, maybe I'd even give Goid hunting a try, though the prospect of needing to grind out Guardian blueprints and fully engineered ships again makes me wince.

Well, I just hit 10,000,000,000 Cr a few minutes ago, so now it's decision time.

I plan to leave the poll up for a few days before making a final choice. Feel free to vote for what you think I should do next, and provide support for your vote in the comments. In fact, if you select a choice I'd really appreciate you explaining more in the comments (ex: what sights I should hit on an exploration tour, what PvP groups are still alive, best place to hunt Thargoids, etc)

A bit about me and my background, in case that informs your decision: I started playing ED in 2015, well before the introduction of the Engineers and when people actually pretended to give half a crap about Power Play. I used to do a fair bit of PvP and PvP piracy, and even spent some time flying around with a few PvP groups. I was never huge into pure exploration because, in my somewhat limited experience outside of the bubble, there was never really anything worth the monotony of hundreds of jumps to see (I've also never been to Colonia, and I participated in the CG that got Jaques Station out there). However, it appears that there may be stuff worth seeing now, so I'm open to exploration. I never did Thargoid hunting because, frankly, I didn't want to spend tens of hours grinding blueprints and materials just to fight HP sponges. However, again, I'm open to it now. I'm pretty much open to anything. I'm open to any interesting suggesting that appears in this thread.


1) Return to PvP (eat some rebuys, then remember how to actually fly)

2) Exploration Sightseeing Trip (with Fleet Carrier)

3) Exploration Sightseeing Trip (without Fleet Carrier)

4) Thargoid Hunting (death to Xeno scum)

5) Throw 1.5Bn at outfitting my Cutter for combat, just because (I'm a dirty Imp. Not sorry)

6) Other (please explain)

Credits burning a hole in my space pocket.


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