Alternatives to fight against cheaters

Some of the ideas will sound stupid, but try to read with a vision of resolving a problem and not only saying "fix the anti cheat, fix it Nikita or U suck, shut up, horrible ideas"… that doesn't help. This is a problem and as a community we could help by put some ideas on the table.

Remember, those are ideas and neither you or I will know if is going to work or not, just BSG.

#1 – I know pay to win sucks, and tarkov shouldn't be a place for such practice, BUT, what if we cut the middle man and the BSG was the one selling the stuff? $1 or $2 dollar for an item or a pack such as military create. Could we lower the RMT/cheater with such approach?

#2 – I don't know how successful was csgo replay function to see if someone is a cheater or not, but the community could help with that and be part of the anti cheat. The community love this game, fuck… this is the best FPS by far, nothing like a adrenaline rush after a firefight and I know that there is a lot of pmc's in this sub who would help. This would accelerate the ban waves?

#3 – Let us know about what is going on with the ban waves. I know this would be a lot of work, but at least once a month, a rapid report about what as being made or how many people was banned would be nice to shut some mouths.

(edit) #4 – Make streamers cheater report count as two. Streamers are a huge part of this game, that is a fact. But what if we could count their vote for two? Streamers with 3+ k hours of game know when there is a hacker. The can be wrong? yes… but I trust in someone who is an expert in the game.

Put some ideas in the comments, let's talk about and try tho find some kinda of solution.


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