Am i the only new player that is not having problems starting the game mid wipe?

I've seen a bunch of posts and comments regarding new players starting mid wipe and its unfair,its hard and it sucks and they can not play the game. I started 3 weeks ago. I'm level 18. I'm still learning the game and practicing, every raid basically. But i never had any problems. Ofc i get killed by an experienced player but that has nothing to with being it mid wipe because that guy will 100% kill me beginning of the wipe with a five-seven if i am not good as him or i don't get lucky head eyes :D. I have 15m rubles and 4-5 half meta/meta guns in my stash that i got by killing PMCs. I run mainly dorms and interchange if I'm not doing missions on other maps. I'm not bragging with all this I'm just saying that most of the stuff has nothing to do with being it mid wipe. I think mid wipe is better because next wipe i will be on equal side when everyone is starting from ground up. Because I'll have experience, knowledge and all that. If you are new and you start at a new wipe it's all almost going to be same as mid wipe. If you like Tarkov and having fun in the game you'll surely get better and learn slowly. Every death teaches you something if you know where to look. Get experience,learn, practice and you surely get better. Doesn't matter if its mid wipe or early wipe.


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